July 4, 2023

Orleans 4th of July Parade



I was happy I got to take pictures for this event as it allowed me to relive core parts of my childhood. This is my last summer on the Cape in my hometown of Orleans so I was going to the Parade no matter what. I reached out ahead of time to get permission to shoot the event and made my way to Orleans Main Street.

While at the Parade I felt just a little uncomfortable because I did not have a press pass like I usually did at BSU but, after a few key shoots I got into it. That is when to my dismay it started to downpour. Luckily at BSU's homecoming this year a similar thing happened so I had a little practice. I tried to use my camera's flash to get a little more light in the photo but sadly my Rebel T5's flash is broken so I made due. My camera settings end up at 1/200 for shutter speed, 7-11 for aperture, and between 400 ISO - 1600 ISO.

Even with the setbacks I think I had a great shoot!

Top Shoots

Inception SHoot

At one point one of my supervisors said he liked a shoot I took in which a phone was taking a video or photo. Ever since I have tried to get the same type of shot at every event I go to. This gallery actually had two but I like this one more because the family found it really funny.